Kyle Kogut Contemplates Natural Phenomena


Kyle Kogut is a recent graduate of the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. His mixed media work often blends technical printmaking techniques with expressionistic, supple applications of paint. Set within a refreshing, distinctive palette, his compositions are full of energy and variation, yet never come off as cluttered or overly busy. This ability to conduct myriad elements within a functioning, harmonious whole works well with his current subject matter- Nature, and organic life. From the artist’s website:

“While impossible to surpass Her, my study of Nature and the phenomenon that is life has been a continuous investigation of organic patterns and forms, stemming both from visual observation and also subconscious mark-making.”

Kogut just closed an exhibition at Philly’s F&N Gallery. Make sure to check out his tumblr.












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  • Bryan

    Is this Christopher Davison pretending to be someone else? This is HIS work. He even went to temple I think…

  • sachler

    I believe Kyle Kogut worked as an intern in Christopher Davison’s studio. A keen example of how mentors can have a profound influence on someones work.

    Kogut’s work show possibilities of great promise–I look forward to seeing how his work develops in his own language.