peter Burke’s Large Scale Mold Sculptures

After many years of using molds conventionally as negatives to be filled with materials, British artist Peter Burke became interested in the molds themselves. there is a curious relationship between the outside and inside of a mold, in their contained space they have a specific, dematerialized ghost form, and yet the outside which is generalized in form is more specific in its materiality. when confronted with a mold of the human form the viewer has an immediate association with and a curiosity about the nature of the space we occupy, and a predisposition to read the negative as a positive.














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  • Amy gee

    Wow great art we love it, not even my 5 year old could do this .

  • kpgraphics

    This work is great! The connection of human as a mold and its interactiveness is amazing, I really got the message and it looks like a lot of hard work. Making a mold on its own is difficult let alone processing the material that comes out of it once it is complete…pretty sure anyones five yea old doesnt even know what a mold or fine art is…apparently neither do most adults…