Pop Culture Installation Exhibit from Thank You Very Much! Artist Collective

Thank You Very Much, an artist collective out of Buenos Aires, looks like a really cool, ambitious group. Limiting access to different creative vehicles is never a good thing, and TYVM is definitely not trying to do so. Working with over 40 artists from around the world, they’ve got their hands in everything: production, exhibition, design/marketing, etc. Recently, co-director Luciano Podcaminsky staged in exhibition of five installation pieces at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in B.A. The show, which “mixes conceptual art with POP culture”, gives you a good idea of what the collective is interested in doing. Find more images and some words from Podcaminsky on the exhibit after the jump.

Luciano Podcamisnky:

My scope has been always to tell stories. Little stories that could help us to think about ourselves and the world surrounding us…As a film director, I feel this narrative necessity comes to be something completely natural. In 2008 I presented my first film, ¨The Third Pint¨ at Bafici and then at the Edimburg Festival in Scotland…My art approach has much in common with the cinematographic genre. It is made of five installations that, even if they have nothing to do with film or video from a technical point of view, they are closely related to a visual approach and also at a subject matter level.

“Cama mortal” (Sunbed) is an open coffin , but inside it is really a solar bed. “Píldora diaria” (Daily Pill), is a giant pill slightly open, showing the trash coming out. “Cena íntima” (Private Dinner) shows a traditional two-persons dinner. In the middle, the table is separated in two by a jail cell and the couple is separated by a window, being forced to communicate through mobiles.”Habitación disponible” (Room available) is a miniature motel room inside a Chrysler Town & Country pickup. Finally, “Recién casados” (Just married) is a tiny big dipper with a couple rising their arms inside an old convertible.

Each piece has a strong aesthetic development, a synthetic narrative and a bit of humor and irony. Our minds are able to build stories and daily moments starting from the work itself and finishing inside the observers’ imagination. The contents are modified and at the same time are the starting point of the observers’ travel inside themselves and their experiences.







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