Stunning Portraits of Albinos by Gustavo Lacerda

As part of our ongoing partnership with Feature Shoot, Beautiful/Decay is sharing Alison Zavos’ article on Photographer Gustavo Lacerda.

It’s a common myth that all albinos have red eyes, a myth easily dispelled by these stunning portraits by Gustavo Lacerda. Since 2009 Lacerda, a São Paulo-based fine art photographer, has been researching and approaching albinos to photograph in his studio.

Many of his subjects, used being treated as ‘outsiders’, were initially uncomfortable with the process but later felt great pride after seeing the results.

This series has been making the rounds online and three of Lacerda’s images were featured in the Pirelli/Masp Photography Collection, which honors excellence in the Brazillian photography community.








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  • Intheburg

    Why “Stunning Portraits of Albinos” rather than “Stunning Portraits”? I see no need to put people in arbitrary classes.

  • these photos are amazing. the stunning palette reminds me of loretta lux, but without the tricksy digital manipulation–rather these colors are drawn straight from these astonishing and beautiful people. wow.


  • the series focuses on Albinos. I think it’s pretty self explanatory

  • Thanks for sharing these Amir. WOW.

  • Anonymouse

    It’s not a common myth that albinism produces red eyes, albinism encompasses one of many pigmentation disorders, of which not all produce red to pinkish iris coloration. The type most likely to produce redish irises is oculocutaneous albinism as it changes the melanin molecule. These individuals seem to have mild albinism as their eyes have retained a normal hue, however it is very likely that they have vision problems, as the coloration of the retina can be affected too which wouldn’t be visible without an eye exam.

  • Ashley

    Beautiful, beautiful, very beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • icon13

    There is an albino village at the end of Hicks Road in San Jose. Creepy.