Nature Front and Center- Bigfoot One

Collab w/ Skinner

What’s been going on lately in the world of Cali artist Bigfoot One?

As always, Bigfoot’s combination aesthetic of classic heavy metal, graffiti, and Nature is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good. Vinyl toys, walls, prints; so solid. Completely comfortable in his obsessions, Bigfoot returns again and again to his subject matter, to his lonely, knowing forest creature. Even in thorough repetition, the work packs a punch with each newly minted piece in whatever medium the artist chooses to employ. That’s a sign that there’s a basic truth at work here. What the truth is, like Bigfoot himself, is kind of an enigma.

Keep in eye out for a new release from Bigfoot and Kidrobot in the near future and also check out Issue:B of Beautiful/Decay with features one of the very first interviews with Bigfoot before he became the mysterious giant of street art.









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