• lisa coleman

    Enjoying this series very much, and Of course, this one popped out at me in particular. It is quite different than the others. it seems to have taken me immediately into a place that I’m unable to recognize as being “real” or not. Where the other paintings in the series appear to me as real places interpreted and stylized by the artist, this one didn’t feel like that. It is … Dreamlike…. Wondrous ! …and red!
    Oh, but that’s the other thing. The colors! So smart, subtle (if blazing reds and oranges…etc. can be called subtle). Beautiful intent. The piece seems monochromatic, yet it breathes, and keeps my interest longer and longer as I discover the amazing play of shadows and light, and the piece becomes a much more organic possibility!
    I would love to see it it person. I can tell there are great textures adding to the journey here.
    Thank you very much for sharing this inspired work.