Mathew Borrett’s Maze-Like Drawings Of Secret Rooms

Mathew Borrett’s intensely detailed drawings of maze-like rooms and secret compartments that seem to never end are mysterious puzzles that fade into the nothingness of the stark white paper that they are drawn on.

“From a very early age I used to have frequent dreams about finding hidden rooms between rooms in my house. Usually some facet of my fears or desires would be present in these rooms. As a Lego fanatic, I’d often find fantastic new Lego sets I didn’t know existed (which made waking up a disappointment). Later we moved into an old farmhouse with lots of nooks and crannies and a basement that often flooded. It underwent a lot of renovation over the 17 years we lived there, and I was always fascinated when a wall was removed or temporarily breached and you could pass from one room to another in a new way. The scope of the dreams expanded to include strange gaps and holes and secret shafts that dropped away into spooky abysses. Sometimes I’d explore basements beneath the basement, or attics beyond the attic. I think I’ve probably explored a thousand different dream versions of that old house.”

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  • Demian

    love it… like prince of persia!

  • SumMary

    Principle of Perusia: Machu Picchu, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings and the House of Escher