Distortion x Flowers by Azuma Makato

For most people, flowers and distortion pedals have little in common. But for contemporary floral artist Azuma Makato, the two work together in harmony. For his project Distortion x Flowers, the Tokyo-based artist worked with artistic partner Shiinoki Shunsuke to capture photos of these distortion pedals entwined with flowers.. He matches the colors of the pedals with flowers, but also matches them based on illustrating each pedal’s sound: brash, soft, full, or bright. He and his musicians then plugged guitars and performed electric music made of loops and feedback, ultimately destroying the beautiful serenity he had created. In his project statement, Makato describes the temporary nature of both sound and flowers:

“One might not see the similarity in flowers and music. However, rock or classic, or whatever the genre may be, music is the combining of momentary sounds. The process of creating music never stops to stay in one form, but is constantly appearing and disappearing, just as flowers blossom beautifully and yet wither away in time. So, flowers are like music, and music is like flowers.”


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