Somewhere In The Fold At The Popular Workshop

Somewhere In The Fold is an exhibition that recently closed at the San Francisco Gallery The Popular Workshop. The show was curated by Luca Nino Antonucci who is an artist and co-founder of Colpa Press as well as the San Francisco Newsstand turned zine shop Edicola. The exhibition examines the intersection of fine art, design, book making and publishing. From the press release: “There is a broad dialogue between publication and art object, far more complex than the straightforward union of the two into the ‘art book.’ Somewhere in the Fold is a survey of the relationship between the current state of publishing and the art practices of contemporary artists. These disciplines have converged into processes of editing and editioning, making once disparate fields singular. The participating artists and publishers of Somewhere in the Fold approach this conversation by showing work that deliberately confuses the terms ‘publication’ and ‘art object’, while attempting to discover a place where they can exist together both in form and concept.”   

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  • Squindle McGrindle

    Awesome show!