Hisham Bharoocha’s Stimulating Paintings

Hisham Bharoocha lives and works in New York City. He is a founding member of Providence, RI bands Lightning Bolt and Black Dice. Currently he is focusing on his band Soft Circle as well as paintings, drawings, collages, and photographs taken during his extensive travels. His biography states that “Hisham’s newest works deal with the melting together of images that happens in the mind when one is meditating, dreaming, day dreaming, or going about their daily lives.  Bharoocha likes to observe how his visions and feelings all blend together to create a massive medley of images and vibrations that one can feel in the body.  Hisham tries to create works that show the absurdity and logic of how each mind works, what kind of relationships it creates between experiences and images that we absorb through our senses moment by moment.”

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