Iphone “Oil Paintings” Made With Your Face

When you hear the phrase  “Iphone oil paintings” you’re probably not thinking of rubbing your phone all over face to make a greasy abstraction on your phones screen but that is in fact what NYC  artist Jonathan Keller Keller has done. Working at the intersection of craft, collection, and computation, Keller seeks to transcend & transform everyday digital elements through obsessive, iterative, and generative processes. A good example of this is Keller Rubbing his phone all over his face with gusto (see the above Gif of him in action) transforming the dark phone screen into a canvas full of possibilities for abstraction. Yes it is weird and this may make you cringe if you’re a germaphobe but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that the gifs of the oil shining this way and that way weren’t a tad mesmerizing. (via)


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