Rooms Become Massive Balloons in the Installations of Penique Productions

Stitched Panorama Stitched Panorama

The Spanish collective Penique Productions creates massive installations that at the same feel nearly weightless.  Using fans and colored plastic the collective entirely covers a selected space in a bright hue.  Though the concept is relatively simple, the space feels totally transformed.  The space and its furnishings are stripped of all their details and reduced to a set of shapes.  Penique’s Productions create an interesting way to investigate familiar places.  Interestingly the collective says regarding the installations:

“It works the relationship between fullness and emptiness, creating a dialogue with the space it temporarily inhabits.”

Penique Productions installation9 Stitched Panorama Stitched Panorama Penique Productions installation1 Penique Productions installation4 Penique Productions installation5 Penique Productions installation3 Penique Productions installation2 Penique Productions installation6 Stitched Panorama

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