The Morbid Crystal Covered Sculptures of Nicola Bolla

Nicola Bolla sculpture1

Nicola Bolla sculpture8

Nicola Bolla sculpture3


The work of Nicola Bolla is arresting in its contrasts.  The artist often fashions sculptures of straightforward (albeit morbid) objects that are then covered in sparkling crystals.  The glamorous glitter of the crystal is juxtaposed against the utilitarian nature of many of the objects they cover.  These are further contrasted in these images taken by photographer Sergio Alfredini.  The dilapidated house provides a strangely ideal setting to emphasize these brightly dark sculptures.


Nicola Bolla sculpture6

Nicola Bolla sculpture4  Nicola Bolla sculpture2  Nicola Bolla sculpture5 Nicola Bolla sculpture7 Nicola Bolla sculpture9 Nicola Bolla sculpture10

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