The Nightmarish Horses of Berlinde De Bruyckere

berlinde de bruyckere sculpture3 berlinde de bruyckere sculpture5

Artist Berlinde De Bruyckere‘s installations are disturbing.  Horses, apparently deformed or  mutilated, are scattered throughout the gallery.  Some are draped lifeless; others are seem to be frozen while flailing in panic.  The forms are clearly horses, their shape undeniable.  However their faces are elusive and missing as if in a nightmare.  De Bruyckere’s installation’s inspire conflicting feelings of compassion, disgust, and fear.  It should be mentioned that none of these horses were killed or harmed for the art work.  Rather, De Bruyckere selected the horses while alive but did not use their bodies until they died of natural causes.

berlinde de bruyckere sculpture2 berlinde de bruyckere sculpture6 berlinde de bruyckere sculpture7 berlinde de bruyckere sculpture4 berlinde de bruyckere sculpture1

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  • i love these. they’re fantastic. oh that white one! how wonderful to see good work out there. i wish i could walk into this room, be in there with these. the photo just gives an idea, yes>? i would like to be in the room with these. thank u very much, de Bruyckere. bravo on spectacular work.

  • i am trying hard to share these to facebook, but not enough of the blue share button shows up to allow me to!! what the…..! i want these on my page!!