The Dreamy Sculptures of MyeongBeom Kim

Myeongbeom Kim Installation9 Myeongbeom Kim Installation3

The sculptures and installations of MyeongBeom Kim are very dreamlike – it makes just enough sense to prevent you questioning it.  Objects transform into other objects, other inexplicably float, and yet others are designed to be entirely useless.  Yet, somehow, it all seems right.  Also like dreams, Kim’s work is playful but not without out a latent sense of anxiety.  A noose, a crutch, an axe suggest a possible dark turn toward realized fears, a nightmare.

Myeongbeom Kim Installation6 Myeongbeom Kim Installation4 Myeongbeom Kim Installation5 Myeongbeom Kim Installation1 Myeongbeom Kim Installation2 Myeongbeom Kim Installation7 Myeongbeom Kim Installation8

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