The Slicing Sun Light Sculptures Of James Nizam

James Nizam Photography11 James Nizam Photography3

James Nizam Photography2

Artist James Nizam calls photographs documents of ‘light sculptures’.  For the series he captures the sun and manipulates it into various ‘structures’.  Using precise cuts into the exterior of the house, small mirrors mounted on ball joints, and studying the movement of the summer sun Nazam was able to capture these images.  A synthetic fog emphasizes the concentrated beams of light, making them almost palpable like floating fluorescent light bulbs.  See photos of Nizam preparing the house after the jump.

James Nizam Photography1James Nizam Photography4 James Nizam Photography5 James Nizam Photography7 James Nizam Photography6 James Nizam Photography8 James Nizam Photography9 James Nizam Photography10

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