The Shredded Flower Petal Landscapes Of Gyun Hur’s Installations

Gyun Hur Gyun Hur Gyun Hur

The collisions between art and life can create an interesting space for an artist to create work from—and something that Atlanta-based installation artist Gyun Hur seeks out. Even though she works abstractly, Hur chooses to charge her work by using the medium’s significance as a conceptual starting point. Artificial flowers and colorful woven fabrics are hand-shredded into a brightly colored powder, which she disseminates throughout the space.

Hur creates her soft, delicate, vibrantly-colored installations through a carefully choreographed “performance,” in which she works to create perfect arrangements of materials that have been released from their original forms. Tweezers, masking tape, and a ruthlessly meticulous attention to detail all play a part in Hur’s impressive, site-specific works. The simultaneous tangibility and impermanence of the works force the viewer to become startlingly aware of every breath, every step—every movement made while in the space.

Gyun Hur Gyun Hur Gyun Hur Gyun Hur Gyun Hur Gyun Hur Gyun Hur

From the artist: “Narratives of labor, loss, and place are vital elements in [these] constructions of a specific visual and psychological space. Through the menial process of making, selective collections of found objects transform into a poignant residuum of the past and the present. A sentimental installment of materials and insertion of a physical body facilitate an occupied territory as a platform for opened dialogues, both internal and external.”

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