Photographs That Borrow From History To Critique Sexual Politics

Genevieve Blais - PhotographyGenevieve Blais - PhotographyGenevieve Blais - Photography

Genevieve Blais, a photographer based in Toronto, borrows imagery from classic art history paintings to unpack sexual politics relative to today’s contemporary palate.

Of her intention, Blais states, “The aesthetic/topical dissonance aims to elicit an uneasy response in order to subvert the implicit authority and sanctity of the icon.”

The result confronts and critiques art culture by sitting in an uneasy space between not only imagery, but also mediums– cameras and brushes, forcing us to clearly see the model as the true determinant– a staged powerful variant that has been with us since Caravaggio’s rule, humanizing the myth.

Genevieve Blais - PhotographyGenevieve Blais - Photography Genevieve Blais - Photography Genevieve Blais - Photography Genevieve Blais - Photography

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  • wade

    really nice but the photo’s need more processing. so many colours and textures but yet it all looks bland. the concept is great though.

  • N-ster

    If you look at Ms. Blais’ website, the pictures are much more vibrant. I think that someone screwed up the colour space of the images (Adobe RGB files in an SRGB colour space)… not sure if the files were submitted wrong or if this website messed up in the embedding.

  • Alli

    Amazing work…

  • [email protected]

    amazing !