Jarek Puczel Outlines The Everyday

Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel

Polish painter Jarek Puczel‘s works are arrestingly simple, yet compelling takes on the everyday. Sketching out fragments, and in-between moments pulled from everyday experiences, these pieces possess an air of the cinematic—key lighting, dramatic angles, arrested motion—all elements that tie into his overall concept of the world being one giant set for quiet, dramatic moments of ennui.

With his compositions, he explores the tension of seemingly empty moments, calling out their bare, bored elements like props on a stage. His color selections tiptoe between the real and the vivid, with punches of color tucked away in the very best places of each piece. By attempting to capture some sort of potential energy or agency within the frames of each scene, he has created a series of charged, silent stills, pulled right from the edges of someone’s daily experience. The result is a pleasing archive of slightly faded half-memories, sketched out in richly-hued oil on canvas.

Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel

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  • http://www.conradcrespin.com/ Conrad Crespin

    great stuff.

  • Ed G

    Yeah, this is really solid work. He’s got a great, warm style. Love “Lovers” series w/ the couple kissing!!! WANT.