Nick Stern’s Living Recreations Of Banksy’s Street Art

You-are-not-Banksy3-640x426 You-are-not-Banksy4-640x438

The work of legendary street artist Banksy is now iconic, even throughout the larger art world.  Photographer Nick Stern uses these easily recognizable images as a starting point.  Stern literally brings Banksy’s pieces to life.  He restages the wall art using real people and objects in place of the spray paint and posters.  Using living subjects adds emphasis to the often powerful and startling art of Banksy.

4514049244_b32e6b7548_z nick-stern-not-banksy-0-640x412 You-are-not-Banksy21-640x425 You-are-not-Banksy22-640x525 You-are-not-Banksy15-640x480 You-are-not-Banksy16-640x426 You-are-not-Banksy1-640x640 You-are-not-Banksy2-640x714 You-are-not-Banksy7-640x483 You-are-not-Banksy8-640x502

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  • rez

    why,wht`s the point?

  • Raph

    What a leech.

  • Marc ‘Sketch’ Blair

    I would love some of these if they weren’t cropped so horribly…whereas the pictures work in stencil, the photography isn’t good enough to evoke the same emotion from the 2d work….I like the boy with the english flags, peace sign and What? the rest are kinda bland.