Watercolor Paintings of Imagined Epic Proportions

Rob Sato - Watercolors Rob Sato - WatercolorsRob Sato - WatercolorsRob Sato’s watercolor paintings are whimsical clashes of documented history and personal dreaming: a magpie pictorial narrative of his own internal processing system or as he says, an “extension of writing” and “sifting through garbage. Getting a lot of trash out of my head.” His ability to condense worlds, communities, and landscapes into one surreal solid depiction, interestingly enough, conceptually harkens back to Vincent VanGogh’s statement on the watercolor medium itself as “a splendid thing” to “express atmosphere and distance, so that the figure is surrounded by air and can breathe in it.”

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Dayna Thacker’s Meticulously Hand-Cut Terrain

Dayna Thacker Dayna Thacker Dayna Thacker

Informed by a mixture of science, geometry & mythology, the intentionality behind artist Dayna Thacker‘s layered landscapes lies in a quest for perfect methodology. She searches through informational systems, ancient patterns and mathematical equations for inspiration, seeking to find a connection between method and an elevated sense of inner peace. “Our inner and outer selves interact, inform and create the other: physical & spiritual, logical & intuitive, intellectual & psychological, conscious & subconscious,” she says.

Translating her research and interests to physical inquiry, Thacker develops intricate repeat patterns that she then hand-cuts into photographic investigations of landscape. The ritual, repeated nature of the cutting echoes aspects of her research process—one has to wonder if this mindful state is achieved in the making, or in the final viewing of these lace-like, multi-layered compositions.

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The Street Art Heaven At Les Bains

Les Bains project1 Les Bains project2

Les Bains project3

Despite its 130 year history Paris’ building known as Les Bains was declared unsafe in 2010.  The building will undergo renovations and reopen in 2014.  In the meantime, however, the building’s owner has opened it up to street artists.  The residency program, known as One Day One Artist, allows artists to work in the sprawling building. The result is a kind of street art heaven.  A small selection of the artists involved are pictured here: (respectively) The Atlas, Seth, Sambre, Jeanne Susplugas, SWIZ, Philippe Baudelocque, ZeeR, Thomas Canto, and STEN LEX.   [via]

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Preview: DIAcussion At Envoy Enterprises

Chmielinski_Winston_ewc0701_young skin and how to see light Collings_Gerald_egc1107-300


DIAcussion, a group show that engages in dialogue and discussion through form and subject, opens tonight at envoy enterprises, 87 Rivington St. (6-8 PM). The exhibition seems to approach its concept very directly; a lot of the interplay between the work is very pronounced, sort of in your face. This is far from a problem, as the overall quality of the show looks to be pretty high. The focus on figurative elements opens up a direct, personal vein through which we are able to consider the implications of the vastly different ways in which we approach the same goals. You can keep your questions at face value (medium vs. medium, subject vs. subject). And you can take in the decaying face of Gerald Collings’ The Hollow (above) and go all out dust-to-dust; considering the myriad ways you might choose to live your life in the face of the possibility that we all end up in the same lame, dead position eventually, that we all think we know the best way out of the maze but none of us actually find the exit in time.

All images courtesy of the artist and envoy enterprises, New York.

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East Meets West When Sculpture Meets Drawing

Ya Ya Chou - Sculpture and Drawings Ya Ya Chou - Sculpture and DrawingsYa Ya Chou - Sculpture and Drawings Self-taught artist YaYa Chou grew up in Taiwan, but has lived in Los Angeles since 1997. Her Soft Tissue series, collected here, combine glass sculptures with drawn schematics on paper, both of which strive to explore the protected anatomy of people, plants, and animals on a conceptual and figurative level.

Especially when juxtaposed, these pieces indicate an interesting study of the body: where eastern ideas of emotional organ frequencies meet western philosophies of organism functionality. Chou’s work playfully dialogues with our own creation and confinement of thought.

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Jarek Puczel Outlines The Everyday

Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel Jarek Puczel

Polish painter Jarek Puczel‘s works are arrestingly simple, yet compelling takes on the everyday. Sketching out fragments, and in-between moments pulled from everyday experiences, these pieces possess an air of the cinematic—key lighting, dramatic angles, arrested motion—all elements that tie into his overall concept of the world being one giant set for quiet, dramatic moments of ennui.

With his compositions, he explores the tension of seemingly empty moments, calling out their bare, bored elements like props on a stage. His color selections tiptoe between the real and the vivid, with punches of color tucked away in the very best places of each piece. By attempting to capture some sort of potential energy or agency within the frames of each scene, he has created a series of charged, silent stills, pulled right from the edges of someone’s daily experience. The result is a pleasing archive of slightly faded half-memories, sketched out in richly-hued oil on canvas.

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Mario Ceroli’s Massive Wave Sculptures Made Out Of Wood And Glass

Mario Ceroli is an Italian sculptor and stage designer. In series entitled La Vague and Maestrale Ceroli visually harnesses the power of crashing waves rendered out of finely sculpted glass and wood shards. Frozen in time, the waves instill a sense of infinite anticipation for the viewer. The thought of a massive glass wave continuing its curve and crashing to the floor is equally exciting as the translucent structures themselves.(via)

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The Captivating Sound Of Electronic Duo Purity Ring

Megan James from Purity Ring performing at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on April 18, 2013.

A little dream-pop, a bit of hip-hop, and a lot of bass, that’s what Canada’s Purity Ring brought to the very sold out El Rey Theatre last week in a show that was sandwiched in between the two weekends of Coachella. The crowd lined up early to get a close up spot to see this highly anticipated appearance, myself included.

The bone-rattling bass during Blue Hawaii‘s opening set almost drowned out singer Raph Standell-Preston, so I was hoping that Purity Ring’s sound wouldn’t be as bass heavy. After a very strange Taylor Swift sing-a-long during intermission (yeah, that happened). I didn’t know the indie kids knew all the lyrics to “I Knew You Were Trouble”, but they do and sang along very loudly. The lights finally dimmed and the alien-like stage set of Purity Ring started to glow. Unfortunately, the heavy bass continued for the first few songs, but then finally got toned down and the incredible voice of Megan James rang out clearly. Watching bandmate Corin Roddick work magic on his custom-built sound and light instrument was just as mesmerizing.

They played most, if not all all of their 2012 4AD debut, “Shrines” including my personal favorites “Obedear” and the set ending “Fineshrine” that had the entire crowd dancing wildly. The band is currently in the midst of a US tour so you still have an opportunity to catch them live. Check out their very cool cover of Soulja Boy & Ester Dean’s “Grammy” which they also played to perfection live and try to catch them at one of their upcoming performances.

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