Amazingly Realistic Drawings Of Franco Clun

Franco Clun drawing7 Franco Clun drawing2

Franco Clun drawing6

The work of Italian artist Franco Clun may lead you to believe he’s a photographer.  Clun’s artwork, though, are created simply by putting pencil to paper.  Clun carefully crafts each drawing to an unbelievable realism.  Each drawing he completes seems to expand on the skill of the previous one.  He says, “For each new drawing I dedicate more time and attention and I try to push forward my technical limitations.  I learn something new every time I take a pencil in my hand.”  [via]

Franco Clun drawing8 Franco Clun drawing1 Franco Clun drawing5 Franco Clun drawing4 Franco Clun drawing3

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  • Dave h8fl

    lots going on inside. you have a nice hand

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