Plus-size Painting: Abstractions Created With Massive Unconventional Paint Brushes

VerdierPainting VerdierPainting7 VerdierPainting5

Fabienne Verdier paints with unconventionally large tools. She creates her own brushes, made from substances like sheep hair, duck down, or horse hair, sometimes reaching 6 feet long and over 150 pounds. The brushes are suspended with rope, and then handled physically, or with the help of a pair of bicycle handlebars. Trained under a Chinese painting tradition, Verdier frequently uses black to create her paintings, but will often transgress this tradition by using bright, earthy colors. Preparing ascetically before each piece and practicing the art of spontaneous expression form the basis of her work.



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  • Jackson Pollock would have fallen in love with her.

  • Timothy Innamorato


  • haaa

    lol anyone can just make scribbles on a platform. it would be more interesting if they actually painted something

  • A

    Modern art = “Anyone could do that” + “Yeah but they didn’t”

  • Lucio76

    There’s a trillion of f++king modern “artist” that make shit like this.
    Anyone could do that, in fact, they do!

  • name name

    dumb shit. couldnt pay me to take this work of crap

  • unbound55

    Just because you are unique doesn’t mean you are useful.