Cinematic Photographs Of Turn-For-The-Worst Moments By Alex Prager

Alex Prager photography8

Alex Prager photography4Alex Prager photography1

The work of Alex Prager has always been dramatic…or perhaps the correct word is ‘cinematic’.  It may not be surprising that in addition to being a photographer, Prager is also a film maker.  His newest series of photographs, titled Compulsion, resemble movie stills the moment the film takes a turn for the worst.  The images capture a distressing unresolvable anxiety.  However, there is also a strangely pleasant disaster-flick aesthetic found in the images.  The photographs underscore the prettiness and predictability of dramatized demise.  [via]

Alex Prager photography7 Alex Prager photography9 Alex Prager photography2 Alex Prager photography5  Alex Prager photography6 Alex Prager photography3

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  • Angelique Zammechat

    Alex Prager is a woman, though.

  • Cate Schappert

    Yes, Alex is a woman! You may want to correct that.