Playfully Dreamy Images for 14 Year-Old Photographer

Fiddle Oak photography1 Fiddle Oak photography7

Fiddle Oak photography4

These intriguing images have a gentle and surreal nature, with a clear affection for the natural world.  More than just the scenes’ tiny subjects is surprising about these photographs.  Their creator, a photographer who goes by the name of Fiddle Oak, is only fourteen years old.  With assistance from his older sister, Fiddle Oak conjures these playfully dreamy landscapes.  While his sister Nellie, also a photographer, helps Fiddle Oak with various tasks, the shooting and editing is exclusively done by this young photographer.   [via]

Fiddle Oak photography6 Fiddle Oak photography3 Fiddle Oak photography8 Fiddle Oak photography5 Fiddle Oak photography9 Fiddle Oak photography2

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  • riley

    What the hell is this?? Props to the 14-year-old that did this, but this kind of stuff doesn’t belong on Beautiful Decay.

    This has been a trend recently; you guys have been seriously dropping the ball on your posts. I used to depend on Beautiful Decay for new, interesting art; but if book 10 is gonna be filled with 14-year-olds photoshop work, don’t bother publishing it.

    “Beautiful Decay is a printed book series and daily art blog with a focus on experimental, grotesque, and groundbreaking art.”

    Really??? You should all think about this.