Found Wood Transformed Into Geometrical Musical Instruments


While Jack Sawbridge was studying architecture at the University of Nottingham, he became interested in sacred geometries and the ratios and styles associated with the form. He often finds pre-existing pieces of wood to use as his starting point before constructing their formal geometries. Sawbridge then integrates light, guitar strings, and/or glass sound tubes, giving these seductive forms a function. These beautiful works are fully operational and patrons are even allowed to experiment with them. Sawbridge’s work articulates the meticulous and delicate balance of architecture and sculpture.


sawbridgesculpture11 sawbridgesculpture10 sawbridgesculpture9 sawbridgesculpture8 sawbridgesculpture7 sawbridgesculpture6 sawbridgesculpture4 sawbridgesculpture3

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