Victor Rodriguez’s Dream-Like Realist Narrative Paintings

RodriguezPainting2 RodriguezPainting7 RodriguezPainting6

Victor Rodriguez‘s acrylic paintings defy the simplistic categorization of the hyperrealistic or photorealistic. His work includes surrealistic, abstract, and cinematic elements, giving a fresh feel to the realist aesthetic. Portraiture is often his style, though he alternates between representations of still-life objects and human figures. Using realistic imagery within a dream-like context, Rodriguez’s work offers viewers a peek into a finely-detailed, deeply personal narrative.

RodriguezPainting12 RodriguezPainting11 RodriguezPainting10. RodriguezPainting9 RodriguezPainting8 RodriguezPainting5 RodriguezPainting4 RodriguezPainting3 RodriguezPainting

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