Images Of People Owning Their “Awkward Years” Photos

Merilee Allred photography1 Merilee Allred photography3

Merilee Allred photography8

I know it wasn’t easy for you.  That is, those inevitable years, often landing around middle school, when we all seem to exude an uncontrollable weirdness.  While doing our best making our way through that awkward phase, it often seems like it’ll never pass.  However, designer Merilee Allred offers proof that it does indeed pass.  Her Awkward Years Project captures not-so-award looking people showing off their awkward years photos.  While the project does illustrate that us nerds, geeks, freaks, fashion illiterate, and all around weirdos do pull out of it, it points out something more important: when it seems like no one will go easy on you, perhaps especially when things seem this way, own it.

Merilee Allred photography9 Merilee Allred photography2 Merilee Allred photography5 Merilee Allred photography4 Merilee Allred photography7 Merilee Allred photography6 Merilee Allred photography10

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  • danna

    I love this project more than I can say. Talk about owning the awkward years and even celebrating them as formative. I recently blogged about this and shared a horribly awkward childhood photo of myself…rose-colored glasses, giant hair, mullet bangs and all. I will share this now with my readers in Dubai. Thank you so much for posting about it. -Danna (