iPhone App Puts Artists At The Forefront With It’s Content Publishing Platform

The folks over at the Chiizu  have just relaunched the app and totally revamped their content publishing platform. It’s easier than ever to browse the shop and preview artists themes like Junko Mizuno, Aya Kato, Jesse LeDoux and Skwak.

Chiizu partners with artists and designers from around the world to bring exclusive visual content to your fingertips. The brand new publishing platform acts like a gallery so every theme you buy supports the artists you love. Chiizu’s artist content is exclusive, you won’t find it on any other photo decoration app.

They’ve also just launched a new theme by Thai artist Ittiphat Jittichotphong called “November Club”. Ittiphat’s hand drawn style is lively and illustrative. Chiizu users will have fun decorating their photos with his quirky, hand-drawn details and appointments. It’s available now from the Chiizu in-app store.


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