Los Carpinteros’ Deconstruction of Everyday Objects and Experiences




Los Carpinteros is an art collective founded in 1991 in Havana, Cuba. They create small and large scale installations that reflect perversions of common, everyday objects. These objects are bent, twisted, de- and re-formed, creating abstract work with recontextualized boundaries. The artists deconstruct these simple forms in order to complicate our experience of them. Stable forms become chaotic, erratic, and fragmented through Los Carpinteros’ manipulation of them, ultimately representing a subversion of structure that transcends the domestic or personal.



CarpinterosInstallation14 CarpinterosInstallation12 CarpinterosInstallation7 CarpinterosInstallation6 CarpinterosInstallation5 CarpinterosInstallation4 Art | 43 | Basel | 2012 | Art Parcours | Los Carpinteros | 150 People

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