Lorna Barnshaw’s Deconstructed Portraits Transformed Into 3D Art

barnshawdigital7 3d art barnshawdigital4 3d art barnshawdigital8 3d ar

Lorna Barnshaw likes to experiment with digital renderings of human faces. In her series of 3D art prints ReplicantsBarnshaw used a different computer, software, application, and printing method with minimal interference with each computer’s rendering. The results are geometric, cubed, and warped mask-like representations of the human face. Complementary to this work, Barnshaw’s gif series Reality Reduction, depicts human figure images reduced to their basic geometry using a digital filter. Together these series engage us with their reflections on technological influences in contemporary culture.


barnshawdigital5 barnshawdigital9 barnshawdigital10 barnshawdigital3 barnshawdigital2 barnshawdigital

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  • tired of fake art

    looks like she is really bad at 123d catch and is just printing them, there is really nothing experimental about this at all. She didn’t make the software or play with it in any way that suggest experimentation at all.