Playful Installations Offer New Perspectives

Installations Installations


Artist Katrin Sigurdardottir offers unexpected perspectives by way of her installations.  For this first installation High Plane, Sigurdardottir set up two ladders in the gallery for visitors to climb.  The ladders lead to a hole for the visitors to insert their heads.  Once visitors peek through the holes they see they are at eye level with a miniature landscape.  Pale blue islands seem to dot a white sea, the visitor looking from god-like perspective.  However, the viewer also encounters another viewer peering through the other hole, reminded of their absurd size and situation.  In another installation titled Boiserie, she sets up an entirely white parlor-type room adorned with period furnitutre.  Mirrors mark the corners of the room which create an endless loop of reflections of the rooms interior.  The mirrors, though, are interrogation mirrors visitors can use to look inside the room.  The parlor is essentially only a set and roughly hewn from the outside.

katrin sigurdardottir installation8 katrin sigurdardottir installation4 katrin sigurdardottir installation6 katrin sigurdardottir installation5 katrin sigurdardottir installation2  katrin sigurdardottir installation3

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