Website Builder Made With Color Presents: Tim Furey’s Mixed Media Alien Worlds

Checmical Factory on Alpha Z84 alien

X Sector Dormitory alien

Classroom 44C


Beautiful/Decay has partnered with premiere website building platform Made With Color to bring you another exclusive artist feature. Each week we join forces to bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers who use Made With Color to create their clean and sleek websites. Made With Color doesn’t just help artists create gorgeous websites but allows them to do so in a few minutes without having to touch a line of code. This week we’re happy to bring you the mixed media collages of Tim Furey.

The work of New Jersey based illustrator Tim Furey is full of texture, shapes, neon colors and best of all aliens!  Combining a wide array of media in his collages Furey creates psychedelically hued interiors, still lives, and narratives that will hint at the story without giving away the plot. Inexpensive craft paper meets holographic stickers and crayon scribbles create images that are as primal as they are futuristic.  The result is a hypercolored world where aliens mingle with mankind to create unknown future worlds.

Area X23 Nighttime alien

Game Room Mainframe Party Being2 Party Being3 Photon Analysis Computer Science Laboratory on Star Cluster X1A Sketchbook 2 Sketchbook1 Snack Room Sector B8 Souvenir Shelf Teleplasma Entertainment Quadrant Tinted Reality Rooms

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  • Tim Furey

    I’m very honored to be featured on B/D via Made With Color! A few of these are available through There is also a Q+A about my process/inspiration. Browse and Enjoy!


  • Jacob Sluka

    dang cool