Caitlin Ducey Makes Beautiful And Obsessive Art With Drinking Straws

Caitlin Ducey - sculpture


Caitlin Ducey - sculpture

Portland, Oregon based artist Caitlin Ducey uses plastic drinking straws as the focus of her sculptures.  In her exploration of material, process and pattern, Ducey appreciates the simplicity and accessibility of the straw.  She notes that it is such a mundane, everyday, disposable item.  For her the idea that it is so commonplace is part of the appeal.   The act of devoting so much time and attention to something as simple as a straw becomes part of her process.

To create her pieces Ducey carefully stacks each straw usually using no glue or adhesive.  Her method is obsessive and detail oriented.  It also gives the sculptures a fragility that makes them all the more alluring.  As a viewer passes by her works she will experience a kind of tunnel vision, only able to see through the straws immediately in her path.  It is this feature that gives the sculptures the life-like quality that I found most captivating.  Ducey manages to transform an ordinary plastic object into an entrancing sculpture with a remarkable organic quality.

 sculptureCaitlin Ducey - sculptureCaitlin Ducey - sculpture Caitlin Ducey - sculpture Caitlin Ducey - sculpture Caitlin Ducey - sculpture Caitlin Ducey - sculpture

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