Will Hutnick’s Colorful Compositions

Will Hutnick - painting

Will Hutnick - sculpture

Will Hutnick - painting

Will Hutnick is a Brooklyn-based artist who works in painting, sculpture and installation.  Incorporating acrylic, oil, ink, spray paint, tape and found objects into his work Hutnick creates works on paper that oscillate between being two dimensional and three dimensional.  Using conventional materials in unconventional ways Hutnick changes the rules of painting.  Using tape as his paint and paint as his sculpture, Hutnick manages to muddy materials while maintaining brilliance in color.  Indeed, Hutnick has an amazing eye for color.  And he uses it to generate narritive.  With titles like, Marble Madness, Not So Secret Garden, and What Do You Call Those Things With The Wooden Beads And The Crazy Tracks?, Hutnick’s explosions of color become stories, emotions and sensations.

There is a fun to Hutnick’s works as well.  The paintings are bright and beautiful, but there is a sense of humor to his work.  His “balancing works,” involve late night sessions at the studio stacking any found object to the point of instability.  Eventually, the ephemeral sculptures topple to the ground.  Often, Hutnick was the only one to witness their existence at all.

Hutnick just closed a solo show, He Chutes He Scores, in Bedminster, NJ, and an artist in residence on Governors Island.  He’s curating a show called Spin? Art at Loft 594 in Bushwick opening October 5th  

Will Hutnick - installationWill Hutnick - painting

Will Hutnick - painting Will Hutnick - painting Will Hutnick - painting Will Hutnick - installation Will Hutnick - studio wall

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