Cut Paper Art By Alexis Facca

Alexis Facca - Paper

Alexis Facca - Paper

Cut Paper Art

Alexis Facca is a Belgium-based paper artist and set designer, known previously as Paper Donut. He recreates everyday objects in paper, which are used in both his personal work and commercial endeavors, including animation. Facca’s paper sculpting is successful on a number of levels – his attention to detail and craft, the formal aspects like color and composition, and its ability to amuse and delight us. His work is memorable, which is especially important when working with advertising clients.

In addition to paper, Facca has recently composed compositions that use other materials like popcorn and barbecue skewers. He also includes metal grates and wood blocks, too. His better known works, however, are objects recreated from paper. This means he has constructed filing cabinets, copy machines, and large potted plants. He has created life-size breakfast foods, too, including angular fruit, donuts and eggs. Yum!

There’s something that’s instantly appealing about Facca’s work. The medium, of course, plays a large part. Creating miniature environments out of paper allows us to imagine an entire world of paper. The constructed offices and bedroom convey an uncanny feeling. Uncanny, translated from the German word “unheimlich” means the “opposite of what is familiar” (heimlich means home). They simultaneously intrigues us and makes us feel uneasy because they look very real; Like we could possibly sit on that chair or make copies with that machine. But, when we study them for more than a glance, we realize that these things are not quite what they seem.

The fruit doesn’t have the same unhemlich affect since we know that oranges and apples are round. Here, we appreciate the novelty of a plate of bacon that’s not actually bacon. The art of crafting paper can be very finicky. Despite the possibility of wrinkles, messy creases, and sheets that aren’t the right weight, Facca produces breakfast flawlessly.

Cut Paper Art 1

Alexis Facca  Cut Paper Art

Alexis Facca - Paper Alexis Facca - Paper Alexis Facca - Paper Alexis Facca - Paper


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