Guy-Olivier Deveau’s Next Level Sand Sculptures

Guy Olivier Deveau sand sculptures

sand sculptures

sand sculptures

sand sculptures

Guy-Olivier Deveau’s sculptures would be fascinating in any medium, the fact that he works with sand and ice makes them that much more appealing and interesting.  Deveau started out sand sculpting as a summer job in Quebec City so he could earn money to finance his education in the filed of philosophy.  Now that he’s a sculptor full-time the Canadian artist travels around the world creating his ephemeral sculptures and competing in competitions.  Though he also works with wood, snow and ice, Deveau appreciates sand as a medium because he feels he can achieve his desired texture, shadow and edges.  Indeed, his final products are amazing feats considering their medium.  Each of his sculptures takes approximately three days to create and each requires an immense amount of patience.  Deveau starts with a sold sand block and slowly and carefully carves from that.

Deveau will often include themes relating to philosophy, mythology or psychology, incorporating his interests along with his talent.  For instance, his most recent sculpture made on a beach in Texas, Bleeding, features a horizontal face, seemingly melting back into the ground.  The agony and expression of the face are remarkable taking into account that they were carved out of sand.  Though his was one of many sand sculptures created for Sandcastle Days 2013, the sophisticated emotion of Deveau’s Bleeding allowed it to stand out as eye-catching and thought provoking.

Guy Olivier Deveau sculpture

Guy Olivier Deveau sculpture Guy Olivier Deveau sculpture Guy Olivier Deveau sculpture

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