Khalil Chishtee’s Plastic Bag Sculptures

Khalil Chishtee'

Khalil Chishtee'


Khalil Chishtee constructs life-size sculptures out of plastic bags. Much of his figurative work is evocative of movement and fluidity, and indeed, some of his work is sculpted in such a way as to be constantly moving. Admittedly charmed by the vastness of the plastic bag medium, Chishtee enjoys the way it respectfully responds to his deepest emotions.

“We live in the age of plastic, and plastic bags are the most ordinary form of this material. It goes back to the Sufi approach of my upbringing where worth does not depend on what you inherit, it depends on who you are. Anything made out of bronze, wood, stone or painted on a canvas carries the appearance of being worth looking at, because of its history, but if one can change the impact of that history, one is an artist.”

Originally from Pakistan, Chishtee now resides in New York. (via combustus)







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  • DeannaElaine

    The above quote was lifted from an interview with the artist which
    appeared in Combustus magazine: “Seeing the Extraordinary In the
    Ordinary: Khalil Chishtee’s plastic bag sculptures.”
    It was used without permission later by juxtapoz magazine, a direct
    violation of copyright law. As there is a lawsuit being filed against
    juxtapoz magazine, it is to the best interest of your magazine not to
    attribute the stolen quote to them, but to the magazine which
    interviewed Khalil: Combustus. Thank you for your consideration and
    support of the work of honest journalism.