Andrew Scott Ross’ Elaborate Paper Dioramas Recreate Ancient History

Paper Diorama's

Paper Diorama's

Paper Diorama's Paper Diorama's

Artist Andrew Scott Ross is interested in the ancient past, and uses it to better understand the present.  Curious about the way museums present items from the past, Ross creates paper-dioramas, drawings and sculptures to display his own versions and representations of history.

In his 2013 work Tilden and the Theban Hero, for instance, Ross used photographic reproductions of Greek and Roman art from the Michael C. Carlos Museum near Emory University’s campus as a point of departure.  He then cut by hand several elements and combined them to create an imaginative, large-scale installation.  The piece employs Greek mythology as well as elements of Ross’s personal history.  Informative, fun and engaging, Ross’ installations almost come to life before a viewer’s eyes.

See his work later this summer at the Winter Gallery at Millersville University in PA.

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