Street Artist “Don’t Fret” Is Bringing Comedy Into The Streets


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Chicago-based street artist Don’t Fret is plastering New York with his wit and wisdom. Producing relatively simple images and text posters, he uses wheat paste to adhere them to walls and mailboxes They live among the torn down flyers and spray-painted graffiti adn look inconspicuous until you really stop to look at them.

Don’t Fret’s humor is observational, and sometimes silly. “Live by the sword. Die by your peanut allergy,” and “Polly saw you commit adultery” are both easy to “get” and amusing for the passerby. All images copyright of Jaime Rojo. (Via Huffington Post)


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  • Vjp here is another from the NY street art blog xx

  • Donald Dangerous.

    In 2011 I found a Don’t Fret original on a wooden board.
    I was walking home down Milwaukee Ave. and It was upside down and the back looked really cool. So, I picked it up and the glue was still wet. I had no idea who or what it was but I liked it and now I see his art everywhere!