Famed Director Stanley Kubrick’s Phenomenal Early Photography Portfolio

stanley kubrick stanley kubrick

stanley kubrick

stanley kubrick

Like many directors, Stanley Kubrick (known for such iconic films as The Shining, Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Full Metal Jacket) began his love of film for the medium’s capacity to immediately capture scenes developing around him. The award-winning director’s photographs show early promise, mastering stylistic elements such as composition, lighting, balance and subject, which might not be surprising. However, the young Kubrick’s subject matter, mostly street-scenes with everyday New York and Greenwich Village people, life and struggles, might surprise some coming from the famed science fiction director. The photos, which have a nostalgic tone not necessarily associated with the forward-thinking director, certainly bring a romantic mood to the seemingly simpler time.

Many of these photos were taken during the 1940′s, while Kubrick was employed as a photographer for Look Magazine (a gig he landed while still a student at City College New York). It was while working for Look that Kubrick began associating with the film programs at the Museum of Modern Art, a connection which eventually launched Kubrick into a career in his life-long interest of film. (via everyday-i-show)

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  • petr

    anyone know what kind of camera Kubrick is holding?

  • adam tanner

    my guess would be a Leica…

    anyone know who the male nude is a shot of?

  • oohcoohc

    Robert Deniro Raging Bull?? Maybe. lol

  • Bobby

    The majority are out of focus, nostalgia is created by the passing of time he has not purposely attempted to create it. Granted the female street photo is good but nothing spectacular, in fact at least one of my students comes into class once a month with such an image. In all brad pitt’s photos were and are far better and he isn’t a professional. A case of emperors new clothes. Also why is there always some moron asking about what camera was used? Why because if you buy a Leica you will all of a sudden become the next kertesz? Leica the most overrated camera in existence at least to date.

    I feel I can call you a moron because anyone who asks about equipment rather then technique is the definition of a moron.

  • Bobby

    You sir are a moron.