Former Playboy Bunnies Photographed Decades Later In Provocative Portraits





When the renowned photographer Robyn Twomey visited the Former Playboy Bunny Reunion, she shot simple and engrossing headshots of women who had been Playboy Bunnies decades before, hoping the capture the complex and often contradictory nature of their former field. On one hand the women are mesmerizingly assertive, and yet, traces of vulnerability and self-consciousness mark their wrinkled brows.

Often, the women appear empowered by their sexuality, and their expressions border on the confrontational. Abandoning any show of passive feminine gentleness, a woman spangled in hot pink costume jewelry adopts a laissez-faire posture normally associated with masculinity, pursing her lips into a smirk and tossing her shoulder back with calculated attitude. Another makes an orgasmic facial expression, relaxing her lips around her open mouth, boldly pressing her breasts towards the camera.

Yet within these powerful and stunning individuals lies a poignant anxiety over growing older, one that boarders perhaps on self-doubt, expressed through a turn of the eye, a furrowed brow. A few turn away from the camera, staring into to the corner of Twomey’s tight frame with strained smiles or almost bashful eyes, their features and the passage of time made more noticeable by make-up that glistens under the bright lights.

Each woman is deeply sympathetic and beautiful, but the work calls into question the ethics of societal pressures enforced by brands and magazines like Playboy. When budding sexuality is valued above all, and when young women are both objectified and exalted, where does that leave aging women? The work is far from an indictment of its subjects; instead, it captures the complexities of a controversial industry that toes the line between supposed empowerment and potential degradation. What do you think? (via BUST and Feature Shoot)




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  • Aaron Buss

    wheres your money now that your looks are gone? i bet you thought you were all hot shit when you were in the mansion back in the day…like the girl that was looking for a husband that made 500k ayear and had nothing to offer but her looks…females: YOUR LOOKS WILL FADE…personality is what its all about….chicks need to learn that….nowadays most women from 18-30 are sport fuckrs and “wanna see whats out there”= “i wanna bounce on as many dicks as i can”

  • ChrisLoos

    Dude, you need a hug.

  • Crystal

    wow, bitter much?

  • Curtis Lassam

    Delivery man!

    I’ve got a huge shipment of downvotes, here, for “the angry guy on the internet who apparently has serious issues with women”.

    Oh, here you are! Could you sign on the dotted line?

  • EvaImage

    That’s just sad…we live in the world where everything and everybody is
    replaceable and disposable. Fact. However, this does not mean that
    nothing could be done. I think becoming self-sufficient & not
    putting all the eggs in one basket are the keys. The world won’t get
    smarter and kinder, but an individual can; it’s a matter of choice.

  • Aaron Buss

    FINALLY someone gets me! yes please

  • Aaron Buss

    i also carry the balls to make a statement….notice how many comments are on this thread……ill wait its only two…now three….they want a reaction i reacted…im sure i made up ALLLLL of that way my words would and could and ARE true..

  • Aaron Buss

    chastise me for my old-fashioned values all you like…but i said nothing bad at all….i just said in so many words eloquent as they may be that true beauty in fact does lie beneath the skin

  • Shahin Hosseini

    These ladies are still gorgeous

  • birdy

    “Yet within these powerful and stunning individuals lies a poignant anxiety over growing older, one that boarders perhaps on self-doubt,” Of course. On the thread I followed on my wall, the comments were disgusting and hateful… but why were these women, all fabulously beautiful, in the vulnerability they hate the courage to show… why were they not identified by NAME??/ I find that so disrespectful and so alarming thirdsongsm@evaimage:disqus at in 2014… they are still Playboy bunnies… anymous except NOW they are AGING Playboy bunnies. That is downright shabby and totally retro and moronic. WHo wrote the article??? What planet was she on?????

  • Bill Fleming

    OMG!!! You mean Playboy Bunnies age just like the rest of us! Who knew!

  • Syd45

    They are all beautiful and I respect them for posing in their later years. It would have been nice to identify them by name and show the before pictures so we could have seen the transition.

  • Eze Kez

    “i wanna bounce on as many dicks as i can” lol dude but you’re right

  • mick_lowe

    Do you live in Colorado or Washington? Cutback on the wacky tabacky it’s messing with your head making you say crazy things.

  • mick_lowe

    i just looked at the pictures – why didn’t the author show the before version to go with the after?

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  • Kevin Still

    Did someone redefine the word provocative? I suppose the DMV takes provocative photos now too.