Anna Gensler’s Portraits Of Men Who Objectify Her On Tinder

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Like many of us, artist Anna Gensler joined the social media app, Tinder. Like many women who are on there, she received crude, objectifying messages from men. Her way of retaliating against this unacceptable behavior was to draw the message senders’ unflattering naked bodies and post the finished pieces on her Instagram account.

Gensler’s intention was for the male subjects to not enjoy these images, and she makes them look fat, unappealing, and not very well-endowed. “It was sort of the most basic, juvenile, immature thing I could possibly do, which was completely perfect,” she told Buzzfeed. “These guys are immature and their lines are incredibly juvenile, yet they are still offensive to the women they are aimed toward. The same can be said for these doodles.”

After a month of posting these drawings, Gensler embarked on another part of her project. She now sends her drawings to these men and documents their reactions. Not surprisingly, they are hostile towards her about how she’s depicted them. While some are just plain angry, others convey a more nuanced view of what she’s doing (but still insult her).

This project hasn’t afforded Gensler any clarity about why guys are creeps on dating websites, and why they feel they can speak to someone in this way. She told Slate, “I feel like girls get a lot of messages and matches on places like these, but I don’t actually think that guys do, necessarily. You’d think that when they do get a match, they would actually try to say something nice and intelligent. But I guess not.” (Via Buzzfeed)

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  • Markus

    While I respect her attack against these objectifying men, her weapon of choice is offensive. The fact that she uses overweight and not well endowed men as a weapon is suggesting men like that are disgusting (/not worthy of reproduction). It makes her message more of an attack on the men (like the ones) in the drawings and not the men who sent her the derogatory messages. She admits it was juvenile, but I just think the concept could have been thought out a little more, in a way that would provide a repulsive caricature that doesn’t alienate or hurt other people. Otherwise, I respect her attempt to publicly shame people who make disgusting statements like these.

  • Eddie Arroyo

    Yeah, shame those fat, ugly, baby penis, guys!!!

  • Brittney

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on this otherwise stellar website. Can you get back to real art and leave the childish doodles on Instagram, please?

  • bdecay

    We can’t satisfy 100% of the time but we try our best. Sometimes sharing work that is controversial or divides people can generate interesting debates about what art is and isn’t.

  • elsiemay

    yes its rude and crude, but the guys put themselves out there as protagonists.
    some of the doodles are fat guys some are stick insects…….I think she drew the penises tiny as they were the main focus of the guys attention, of trying to fuck her. and these guys often send ‘cock shots’ as some sort of bragging right!!!!!!
    society is so used to womens bodies being objectified and judged.
    she simply retaliated with the same behaviour that was afforded her.
    :) ok its not fine art, but its art/artist in action in life.
    and on behalf of all us women who have been treated that way….haha back at ya.

  • Stuart

    Makes you wonder why women aren’t all lesbian after dealing with most men. In these idiots defense, boys should get some training before puberty on dealing with women. A little sensitivity would go a long way. Instead most are left to figure it out in locker rooms or on street corners. Oh, and if you’re a guy and really offended by this… that’s the point.

  • poutsoklastis

    This is pure genius! love it!

  • Syrenix

    This is brilliant. I cannot stand internet creeps. Give them something they wont expect. :)

  • apple

    He doesn’t think it’s chiddish because “it’s controversial”, actually this degrades overweight men with small penises as undesirable and equalls their “disgusting nature” with that of these rude internet creeps. Most guys who talk like this to women are actually above average looking.
    This just portraits prejudice and shallowness.

  • questions

    How many men on this dating website do you think she contacted without first being contacted?