Portraits of Chinese Swimmers Showcase a New Fashion Trend, “Facekinis”

pengyangjun3 pengyangjun9 pengyangjun4 pengyangjun5

There’s a new fashion craze that’s happening along Eastern China’s seaside city, Qingdao. Publicly-dubbed “Facekinis,” are protective head masks that are being worn by many beachgoers (mostly women). Photographer Peng Yangjun has documented them in a series of portraits that are set against the backdrop of the beach.

The colorful style is no doubt a strange one, and it’s reminiscent of luchadore and ski masks. This bizarre fashion trend has a more practical purpose, however, and that’s to protect swimmers from the sun, in addition to repelling insects and jellyfish. It’s often paired with long-sleeve bodysuits that help people maintain their natural complexion because bronze skin is often associated with those who perform physical labor in many Asian countries.

We’re often used to seeing swimmers wearing next to nothing or going completely nude. This style takes modesty to the next level, completely covering people up rather than stripping them down. It’s a surreal sight to see someone posed with bare arms and legs but a completely covered face; the photographs showcase an individual style but are devoid of the feeling and emotion we read from the face.  (Via Flavorwire)

pengyangjun6 pengyangjun7 pengyangjun2 pengyangjun1pengyangjun8


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  • flypaper


  • Idiotbrain

    we normally call those ‘balaclavas’ lol

  • Kim Themillersdaughter

    Based on the swimsuits, I think the facekinis are to ensure anonymity.

  • Troy Damien Burgess

    Why do this look like dem just hiding dem face because dem ashame of dem bodies out in the open???

  • Elizabeth Rose

    This is what I want to be for Halloween this year.

  • tacomaresident

    Did they get the idea from Pussy Riot?

  • Spencer Ellis

    lol What? Personally I would be more ashamed about my vocabulary.

  • airal

    Cute. Are there really such fat Chinese women or is it really America?

  • J Chris Cochran
  • K

    …dem bodies out in “da” open??? At least be consistent.

  • bround greef

    Are you an idiot? It’s a whole country

  • Miss JMV

    This totally would be a boner-killer to all the wimpy American guys who have a rose-colored glasses image of East Asian women.

  • Robyn Margaret


  • CLEE

    Swim mask like these where popular with women in the U.S.A many decades ago,to protect from sun and water

  • Matthew Wagg

    More like Gimp masks…

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