Nicole Gastonguay’s Cute Characters That Resemble Mundane Objects

Nicole Gas­tonguay Nicole Gas­tonguay Nicole Gas­tonguay

Wouldn’t you just love it if all your everyday interactions with household items were as fun as looking at these cute crochet creations? Nicole Gas­tonguay, a graphic designer and fiber artist, replicates mundane objects- food, toast, pickles, and even boom boxes- by using yarn. She puts a smile (or a frown- depending on what the object is) and a pair of big googly eyes in all her creation. (via Brown Paper Bag)

nicole_Gastonguay_beautiful_decay_0 nicole_Gastonguay_beautiful_decay_05 nicole_Gastonguay_beautiful_decay_06 nicole_Gastonguay_beautiful_decay_07 nicole_Gastonguay_beautiful_decay_08 nicole_Gastonguay_beautiful_decay_09

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