Lauren King Draws What Lies Outside The Borders Of Vintage Photos

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Lauren King uses vintage photos of landscapes and imagines how to continue the scene. Her drawing extensions – done in graphite – are truly convincing. She creates a space that feels more real than the photo, because it exists outside the borders of the image. A photo retains the image, literally captures it, but King brings the scene back to life and revives it on paper. The most interesting moments are when the image she creates moves subtly from reality, as when she extends the pattern of a bed cover, and the material becomes more like a plant. The photos she uses, mostly postcards, are highly nostalgic. She makes good selections, using atmospheres that are playful or whimsical like her technique. What makes the artwork so successful is her highly skilled rendering; if the images didn’t seem so accurate, they wouldn’t be as fun. What makes them interesting is that, although they seem to complete the image, they could be totally different than what the scene was originally. (Via I Need A Guide)

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