Artist Reveals The Actual Ingredients Behind Our Beloved Fast Food Meals




Pork Burger


Hot Dog



In his ongoing project “Mystery Meat”, Texas-born visual artist Peter Augustus explores the disconnect between mass-produced foods and their “natural”, unprocessed form. Augustus’ photo series depicts various fast food dainties with their ingredients stripped down to their primal state: chicken nuggets to chicken feet, BLT to pork legs, etc.

The idea for the project was born after Augustus moved to Hong Kong where he currently resides. Artist was fascinated by the local meat shops, exposing various animal parts to their customers. He claims that Westerners are rarely in touch with “anything that even closely represents what kind of animals we are eating”. Most often, we purchase processed, prepackaged and showcased meat products without even knowing the real source.

The deeper and more disturbing side to Augustus’ work is the very notion of “mystery meat”. What is often marketed as 100 percent meat product, in reality comprises of various contents. The gruesome trend of intransparency is especially present in fast food market.

“I hope to cause the viewer to take into account what the natural form of their food looks like. I think the work highlights a number of important debates, and it is not meant to be repulsive — just to raise awareness. It also touches on the longstanding debate of the quality of chicken and meat products and the use of unnatural fillers and hormones in the animal products we eat daily.”

(via Feature Shoot; Huffington Post)

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  • Claudia Frost

    i thought bacon was made of pork belly??? i’ve made bacon before and i used pork belly.

  • Bacon Rules

    Yeah, this guy is an idiot, bacon doesn’t come from the leg and chicken nuggets have a lot more than feet in them, same with the hot dog. That’s probably the least weird ingredient. And who eats pork burgers? That’s not an American thing.

  • Claudia Frost

    well if you’re ever in the mood for a delicious ground pork sandwich the pork banh mi recipe on epicurious is amazing. def not american 🙂

  • As someone who has made all of these by hand, the artist should take a butchering class before making this tripe again.