David Lopera Questions Body Image Issues By Adding On The Pounds To Skinny Celebrities

David Lopera - photoshopped image David Lopera - photoshopped imageDavid Lopera - photoshopped image David Lopera - photoshopped image

So we have all heard or read about the different scandals over celebrity photographs being leaked to people who they shouldn’t be leaked to. Whether they are nude photographs, private images, or untouched magazine cover shoots, we’ve all seen pictures of certain people that we probably shouldn’t have. Well, Spanish artist David Lopera takes this idea and pushes it to the extreme. He uses images of well known people including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Michelle Keegan, Katy Perry, and Park Shin Hae and changes our perception of them.

With some Photoshop trickery, Lopera adds pounds to the celebrities, creating cartoonish caricatures of themselves. Promoting another type of body image, he ‘fleshes’ the women out, fetishsizing a plumper figure. Originally Lopera modified these celebrity photographs for his own amusement, but after receiving requests from other people for more transformations, he decided to up his output. He writes to Daily Mail:

Men are always writing to me asking if I can make their celebrities crushes look a bit fatter. Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian are some of the most popular requests I get. These women look much better when they’re overweight. (Source)

Effectively promoting a more positive body image, he taps into our obsession with self image and vanity. He could also be fetishsizing a different type of body, but in an equally unhealthy way, but it seems to be humorous, or at least enjoyable to men and women alike. Lopera’s artist site on Deviant Art has an interesting survey explaining that most people only want to see the morphs of women (77 percent of participants want only women, and 23 percent want both men and women to put on the pounds). Perhaps you could even write to him to request your own favorite celebrity transformation…. (Via Demilked)

David Lopera - photoshopped image David Lopera - photoshopped image David Lopera - photoshopped image  David Lopera - photoshopped image  David Lopera - photoshopped image David Lopera - photoshopped image David Lopera - photoshopped imageDavid Lopera - photoshopped image

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  • Iwasoncefat

    How does this promote a more positive body image? Most of these manipulations create women with so much extra weight that their own bodies would be cumbersome. Yes, a few of them look healthy enough I am not worried they will suffer with back pain or limitations to physical activity. All this does is fetishize obesity. This is almost as bad as promoting foot binding. No one should be shamed for having such body types, but those whose physical capability, health and well being are at risk should be encouraged toward a healthier lifestyle. Loving your body while working toward greater strength and health is a much better way to be empowered.

  • beatriz diaz

    Me encantan son sensacionales que bien es poder hacer algo que solo lo imaginas tu y llevarlo a la realidad de otros esto es arte creatividad. esto es mejor que ver porno. I like very much.

  • Ayumu Lan

    muffin top!

  • Voidkom

    Idk, that was the opinion of another site. But you’re right, these commissions and the themes running in the artist’s work is that of bbw fetishism. It just promotes a different type of unrealistic body image, the chasing of such body image is just as harmful of chasing the body image constantly promoted in the media.

    In modeling you have the people constantly pushing women to lose weight because they’re not skinny enough for photo-shoots or runways. But in the bbw fetish you have feeders who push women to do the opposite, trying to get them to become fatter and fatter.
    It’s the exact same problem and is the exact opposite of promoting a positive body image or teaching people to be confident in their body.