Paul Pretzer

Color and form generate coherence in Estonian artist Paul Pretzer’s dark paintings.

Rebecca Cairns Is Full Of Mystery

I am completely entranced by Rebecca Cairns‘ photographs. These poetic self portraits explore the mysterious places between dreams and reality.

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Claire Oswalt’s All In One Drawings, Installations, And Kinetic Sculptures.


I’m not sure what to call these works by Claire Oswalt, they span the categories of drawing, installation, and kinetic sculpture. Whatever medium they are, they’re marvelously emotional and and elegantly executed.

Emil Alzamora’s Stretched Figures

Beautiful explorations and distortions of the human form by sculptor Emil Alzamora.

David Matheson

Delightful sculptures by artist David Matheson. I am particularly fond of the wire typography.

Nick Minton

Awesome new editorial work by photographer Nick Minton. We posted previously about his Days with Rose project. His images have a wonderful graphic quality, sense of narrative, and sense of humor.

Jakob Johnsen’s Dark Printed Matter

As glossy, digital, full color perfection becomes the norm on brochures and other printed matter, the photocopier has become more of an artistic medium than a simple reproduction system. Jakob Johnsen’s collages and image manipulations are sublimely composed and pull on dark, thought-provoking subject matter.

Laura Crosta’s Thought Balloons

Laura Crosta has a plethora of work in her portfolio but her balloon series is one of my favorites. Also make sure to check out the “I Date A Hooker”  series which documents Jeff Fischer’s dating highlights with hookers.