Kilian Rüthemann

KILIANR THEMANNKilian Rüthemann was born in 1979 in Bütschwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Kilian always engages with the given situation of an exhibition space. He investigates the architectural and spatial qualities and in a surprising manner and makes precise, generally minimal interventions into the existing structure. Pretty neat.

Demetrius May

Demetrius MayDemetrius May of Los Angeles has some really fun mixed media screen prints and oil paintings in his portfolio. This dude is on point. Check out more of the fun.

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PornoGraphics is a design studio out of Barcelona, Spain. They recently shot us an email and I noticed the name seemed familiar, so I went back through my brain vault and remembered seeing this video a few weeks ago. The titles and graphics they created are awesome and their other work is great too. Well done.

Jacob Ring

jacob ringJacob Ring captured images in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. His collections of film photographs are done on straight 35mm and shot on an old nikon f4. The collection was created to document travels to various destinations, while focusing on visual abstraction and strong color depth.

Music ID2

This stop motion video was mainly created out of yarn. It’s beautiful.

Matthias Männer

Mattias mannerMatthias Männer was born in 1976 in Mitterteich, Germany. His organic-like figures are based on simple geometrical forms and are mostly prototypes or models for hypothetical monumental sculptures. On account of their dimensions, true execution would be utopian.

I Blinked…

eyesclosedOpposite to “normal” portraits, Benjamin Nadjib took pictures of people with their eyes closed. Normally the focus is on the eyes, but instead the face itself has the most attention. Well played. Check out the gallery HERE.


dennis buschDennis Busch records songs under silly monikers such as James Din A4, Pop Dylan, and Krieghelm Hundewasser. In 2006 he set up MadeWithHate as a graphics and fashion outlet to complete his artist cycle. The projects form MadewithHate are fresh from Ottersberg, Germany, so check them out cause it was a long flight email to L.A.